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Conduct clinical trials in Australia with Biotech Connect

Biotech Connect is your full service, end-to-end solution for conducting Phase 1 clinical trials in Australia.

Biotech Connect is a collaboration between three of Australia’s premier R&D service providers, seamlessly connecting international Life Sciences companies to the strategic opportunities and benefits of Australia’s R&D service industry and the Australian Government’s generous R&D Tax Incentives.

Biotech Connect is uniquely positions to deliver three essential service components.

Gold standard Phase 1 clinical trial site & delivery

Biotech Connect gives you access to world-class clinical trial facilities situated within two of the southern hemisphere’s leading teaching hospitals, each delivering exceptional outcomes in Phase 1 and early-stage first-in-human trials.

Feasibility studies, project management, data collection & analysis

From the initial gap analysis and assessment of the client’s pre-/non-clinical data through to the set-up of the clinical trial, Biotech Connect manages the complete clinical trials process.

Application for R&D tax incentive

Biotech Connect, will ensure you access and maximise the benefits of the Australian R&D network and government incentives through incorporation and management of an Australian subsidiary company.

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Why Choose Biotech Connect?

Biotech Connect is your gateway to Australia’s world-class clinical trials network.

Collectively, Biotech Connect has worked with hundreds of foreign-owned biotech and pharmaceutical companies to undertake Phase 1 clinical trials in Australia. Our experience in the sector means we offer expert guidance to these companies and assist them to maximise the benefits of Australia’s streamlined regulatory environment, internationally recognised clinical trial data outcomes, and lucrative government tax incentives.

Biotech Connect delivers through:


Australia offers one of the fastest regulatory approval processes in the world. From the initial feasibility study and incorporation of your Australian subsidiary company to the first-in-human dose can be achieved in under six months.


The favourable Australian dollar can result in savings of up to 28% compared to the USA*. The Australian Government’s R&D tax incentive scheme gives eligible companies access to a 43.5% refund for R&D activities undertaken in Australia.


Clinical trial data generated in Australia is accepted in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, and can be used for later stage FDA and CE applications. Australia is renowned for its highly skilled workforce, world-class medical expertise and compliance with ICH GCP guidelines.

*as at September 2020

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Why Australia?

What makes Australia an ideal destination for clinical trials?

“Every year, over 1000 new clinical trials are commenced in Australia by pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies”

Austrade Clinical Trials Capability Report 2018

  • Quality medical research infrastructure and a skilled workforce
  • A world-class healthcare system
  • Attractive research & development (R&D) tax incentives for clinical trials
  • A fast, pragmatic regulatory pathway
  • Clinical data which complies with the highest international standards
  • Strong capability in manufacturing of products to be trialled
  • A robust intellectual property system
  • An ethnically diverse, English-speaking population
  • Establishment by the Australian Government of the Medical Research Future Fund to support research projects and infrastructure in Australia

Who is Biotech Connect?

Biotech Connect is a collaborative partnership between three of Australia’s leading organisations specialising in the delivery of Phase 1 clinical trials. This full service and integrated offering brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience in the development of Phase 1 clinical trials in Australia. The partnership aims to provide international biotech and pharmaceutical companies streamlined access to the Australian market.

Contract research organisation, Novotech, Phase 1 clinical trials specialists, Nucleus Network and Australian corporate compliance provider CoSec are the three international brands behind Biotech Connect

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We’re delighted with the way our project was managed. The structure of having the study team, together with the governance team was effective. The team was very responsive, and issues were resolved within expected timeframes.

Senior Clinical Project ManagerSwiss biotech company

We saved six months, recruitment exceeded expectation, we had more cases than expected, and it cost 40% less than conducting the same study in Europe.


We have been very pleased with how easy they have made it to establish and administer our Australian subsidiary.
The whole process has run smoothly. Our Phase 1 trials commenced successfully late in 2019, and we look forward to working with CoSec into the future.

Erika von der DeckenImmunic AG

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